Hey everybody! Hope you’re having a peaceful, enjoyable Sunday.  It’s not a secret that I think a paleo lifestyle is wonderful. I’ve never done this before, so I figured I might as well take some time to explain what has been going on recently. ((I would love to hear from you about this post and…

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Paleo Chocolate Energy Bites


Let’s start this post off with a little bit of apologizing… I haven’t posted in a while and I feel so bad about it! BUT I was having a really hard time being “inspired”… I couldn’t think of anything to post// I did NOT want to force myself to write a post that wasn’t something…

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Homemade Dole Whip (Paleo)


Today’s recipe is one of my faves, it’s the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. It takes 5 minutes to make, only uses a few simple ingredients, AND tastes just like the way too yummy DISNEY WORLD//LAND Dole Whip!    This recipe has no added sugar– it uses frozen fruit and coconut milk to…

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february favorites


Hiya, Welcome to my faves things from February!!!  Keeping this post short and straight to the point. What have you loved this February?! Maybe I’ll pick up a few more favorites within the next 4 days but SO FAR these are what have stuck out to me FOR SURE. Happy Happy Tuesday!    1. peachy-green Tazo…

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Caramelized Brussel Sprouts w/ Sausage (step-by-step pictures)


Shaved brussel sprouts caramelized with chopped dates and sausage- roasted to perfection in the skillet with just a few simple, mouthwatering ingredients: salt, olive oil, pepper, and coconut aminos. They taste unbelievably good!  Soooo paleo has been feeling a little boring this week. I grew slightly tired of nuts (even in the form of cookies, muffins,…

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Five Ways to Find Real Joy


Being happy is super great. READ below to find out 5 ways to FIND real, true, pure, simple joy in your life– TODAY!   Wake up with positive attitude. Yep, it’s that simple– EVERY morning the first thing I say (even when I’m half-asleep and can barely force the words out of my mouth) is “Today…

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