November on my mind


Wow-eee this is my 100th post?! That’s kinda crazy.   Can anyone else believe that the *start* of the Christmas season is in less than ONE WEEK? I’m totally trying to savor this wonderful-wonnnnderful Thanksgiving week because I adore Thanksgiving and I don’t want to wish it away! Thanksgiving is so comforting. It’s a time…

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Eight helpful tips for new (& old) chefs!


For starters, I am by no means a ‘seasoned chef’ and probably have no right to be giving out cooking advice BUT I do, in fact, adore cooking and have definitely learned a LOT along the way- so I figured it would be fun to share some things that I have learned!!!  Hope you enjoy!…

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(gluten free) Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookie Bars!

cookie cranberry

  These. bars.  Oh em gee. They are almost too good to share BUT I have to because it’s one of the most delicious//festive//easy//crowd-pleasing desserts ever!  Some foods, especially thanksgiving & christmas dishes, totally bring back the feelings and comforts of the holidays. I think it’s the cranberries and the warm, softness of these bars…

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Skinny Vanilla Latte


 Coffee is essential. I know it’s bad, but I seriously wonder how people DO NOT drink coffee. 1st of all, I would be dead without it in the morning, and 2nd- hello- it’s most definitely a hug in a mug. I can’t deny it. I usually drink one 8 oz cup in the morning before…

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Salty & Crispy Skillet-Roasted Chickpeas!

chickpea 1

I cannot say enough good things about these chickpeas. For starters, you can make them in FIVE minutes, they add a huge boost of protein to whatever meal you’re having (we added them to a greek tuna salad & also just ate them by the handful!), and they are super super delicious!  My family (including…

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