Talk About It Tuesday: Week One


Welcome to Talk About It Tuesday! A new series where WE will hopefully be able to just access random thoughts after a bustling start to our week (Mondays) and push ourselves into a clear//positive rest of the week! 1. Oh we’ve got trouble: from personal experience (specifically over the past year) I’ve realized that when I’m […]

Yummiest Homemade Veggie Burgers {gluten free, dairy free}


Store-bought veggie burgers can be loaded with ingredients you don’t want to be eating. These burgers are stinkin’ easy (6 ingredients!) and the best I’ve ever had. Perfect for freezing to have ready whenever you need them and full of ingredients you will feel great about!Veggie burgers are a necessity for us. The meat-eaters in the […]

Monthly Favorites: August

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 10.00.24 AM

A quick look into what I LOVED and constantly used//enjoyed throughout the month of August!  I love to share what I love! These are things that I always came back to and was (still am) super excited about using! Beauty products, shoes, make up, jewelry, music and more! 1. Elf Makeup:  Elf is almost too good […]

Sunday Morning {Gluten Free, Egg Free} Cinnamon Rolls with Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Crust!


Simple {gluten free, egg free} Cinnamon Rolls filled with sweet and gooey cinnamon sugar- made simple with pizza crust mix! Perfect for lazy weekend mornings.   I need to go ahead and say (before anything else) that these are the BEST cinnamon rolls I have ever had. I kid you not. (no one jokes around with […]

Open-Faced {Tomato, Avocado, Egg Scramble} on french bread


Looking for a quick and easy lunch or breakfast that takes no time, but tastes super fresh and you’ll feel like you’ve made a gourmet meal? Make this 5 minute egg scramble put on top of toasted, open-face (gluten free) French bread and loaded with chopped avocados, tomatoes, and a little cheese. PLUS: the trick for perfect […]

A-Z All About Me!


Something got me thinking…why would anyone want to read my blog if they didn’t know anything about me!? I love love love getting to know other bloggers and I adore posts that include a little insight into their lives *I’m nosy, I know*    Here is an A to Z “about me” questionnaire just for […]

Banana Bread Protein Blondies


Healthy, comforting, delicious, and full of protein these banana bread protein blondies will be gobbled up and loved by all!  What’s better than fresh, sweet, crisp-on-top banana bread? Not much right? I’m a huge loaf bread lover. Erm: Loaf-bread-enthusiast.  Attempting to create a healthy and super scrumptious snack that my whole family (read: picky little […]

The BEST {paleo} Pumpkin-Cinnamon Donut Holes! (+ a fail-proof Paleo All-Purpose flour blend!)


Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside and dunked in a bath of comforting cinnamon-sugar; these pumpkin donut holes are to die for!      I may have checked out of the world and ditched social media for a week THEN spontaneously headed to Disney World (aka heaven on earth, no really, it […]

Crunch n’ Munch Chopped Salad


Fresh. Crisp. Quick. Scrumptious. This summer salad is refreshing and totally addicting! Salads are a must during the summer for mi familia. I make one pretty much every night to go along with whatever we are having. They are fun, easy, and totally customizable, to suit your tastebuds! It’s a must for my mom and I […]

Yoga + happiness + Smoothies {Maple-Chocolate-Nutbutter Green Smoothie!}

maple 2

Hi! I’m back! Sorry for being MIA, but if ya have been with me for a little while you’d know, I was super sick all last week! Yuck! I couldn’t really eat anything, which was annoying and definitely NOT in favor of the blog. I also had no energy and felt pretty awful so let’s […]